The brief required a visual and corporate identity to be created for MidAir, a low-cost airline. A logo/ name style, visual identity guidelines, aircraft liveries together with stationery and boarding passes were to be created. Red and blue were selected for the colour palette, as strong eye catching colours; blue is visually easy to see and to apply to different designs within the MidAir branding. The final outcome of two sweeping paths, becoming thinner and closer together represents the vapour trail left behind a plane; however the logo also represents employees and customers coming together as one, ‘Connecting you, everywhere’. Three adverts were to be created as a single campaign for MidAir, based on the design work for the airlines brand. The adverts had to continue the feel of the brand, whilst being aimed at the correct target audience. Destinations to New York, Japan and London were chosen, with the final artwork being created using vectors. The design needed to be fluid, clear and easy to see from a distance when placed on advertising spaces and through the use of a simple shape and bold lettering, I feel that the advert is very accessible.

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